MEA should take up security issue of Sikhs with Pakistan Govt: Virenderjeet

JAMMU: The Indian Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) should take up the issue of the security of Sikh families living in Pakistan with the government there as the members of this minority community are being targeted again and again in different parts of this neighbor country.
Vice President of Jammu and Kashmir BJP, Sardar Varinderjeet Singh, said this while condemning the killing of Sardar Satnam Singh in Pakistan’s north western city of Peshawar, who was a well known Hakeem, living there for the last twenty years and running his clinic to earn livelihood.
He said that the Indian government should talk to Pakistan in strongest words to identify and punish those who shot dead Sardar Satnam Singh. He also urged upon the Human Rights Organizations to take note of this killing and take up the issue of the security of the minorities in Pakistan with Imran Khan government.
S. Varinderjeet Singh mentioned that it is not the first killing of a Sikh in Peshawar and the need of the hour is to be hard on such people who are posing threat to the lives of minorities there as it would induce a sense of security among the community.