Masters Badminton team leaves for Nationals

J&K Badminton team posing with chairman of J&K Badminton Association, Dr OD Sharma at MA Stadium Jammu

JAMMU: Jammu and Kashmir Masters Badminton team today left for participation in the 44th Masters National Badminton Championship to be held at Jaipur in Rajasthan from February 23 to February 29.
The team included shuttlers in the age groups of 35 plus, 40 plus, 45 plus, 50 plus, 55 plus, 60 plus, 65 plus, 70 plus and 75 plus in both men and women sections.
The Team: Men: 35 Plus: Singles: Rajesh Sharma and Neeraj Gupta.
Doubles: Sunit Kumar and Mohit Jain. Mixed: Vikram Jamwal and Brij Bala Jamwal. Plus 40: Singles: Sunit Kumar and Puran Chand. Doubles: Vikram Jamwal and Vikas Sharma. Mixed: Pawanjit Singh and Sheetal Somani. Plus 45: Singles: Lalit Parkash and Sukhdev Singh. Doubles: Pawanjit Singh and Sukhdev Singh. Mixed: Vivek Slathia and Khema Gupta. Plus 50: Vivek Slathia and Daljit Singh. Doubles: Vivek Slathia and Vikas Verma. Mixed: Sukhdev Singh and Basanti Bhat. Plus 55 kg: Singles: Ramesh Sharma and BD Manhotra. Doubles: Indu Bhushan and Ramesh Sharma. Plus 60 kg: Singles: Harjeet Sethi, Parbakar Gupta, Anil Gurkha and Sunil Gurkha. Doubles: Harjeet Sethi and Parbakar Gupta; Anil Gurkha and Sunil Gurkha. Plus 65: Balbir Singh Jamwal, KDS Jamwal and Darshan Choudhary. Doubles: R K Sodi and KDS Jamwal; Balbir Singh Jamwal and Anil Malhotra. Plus 70: Singles: R K Sodi. Plus 75: Singles: Padam Dev Singh. Doubles: Padam Dev Singh and S B Maheshwari. Women: Plus 45 Doubles: Basanti Bhat and Kirti Sharma.