Man behind Dogri Radio in Jammu

By Mohd. Yaseen                                                                                                    There is truth in radio. It is specific to a city which helps the audience trust and connect with the radio jockey.
Emotions are better expressed through radio as it encourages a one-to-one conversation between the audience and the anchor, which other media lacks. Sugam Bral, a proud dogra of Jammu region has created a niche for himself in the present area of modernisation.
With innovative ideas in his mind, he started walking with a mission to take dogri language to every door step of Duggarland. Many challenges have taken place but he stood tall and fought back to get succeeded in his mission. Today he has proved that with persistence, perseverance, innovation and hard work, a person can achieve success. With a twist of creativity and genuine efforts he’s left no stone unturned to give new heights to Dogri language.

As we all know that, Culture always unites us. In the year 2017, he started Jammu Diary which earned accolades from the folks of duggarland. He started exploring the upper reaches of Jammu region and documented the folk forms of almost every district of Jammu region. Jammu is having so much to offer to the public, be it a tourism or culture and same he has projected through his Jammu diary. Under his patronage, Jammu diary successfully Established General Zorawar Singh Art Gallery in Degree College, Reasi and same was established in Reasi Campus of University of Jammu in the year 2018. Nothing has stopped him for his endeavours, he organised a heritage ride from Jammu to Reasi which was joined by thousands of folks in the year 2018. In 2018, again he came up with a beautiful anthem which depicts the dogra culture of Co-existence, Harmony and valour. He is having the dedicated team of professionals from different fields ranging from History, Culture, Art, Sociology, Literature in which regular activities are being done on social media which reaches to every household of National and International people.

Now one more initiative which is the talk of the town is the ‘Dogri Radio’ of Jammu Diary. Dogri Radio was conceptualized by the eminent people of the different fields viz. Bunty Cartoonist, Dr. Mahesh Koul, Ashish Kohli and Neha Sharma followed by Sugam Bral himself. In this biggest crisis of the country, Dogri Radio has let people to think their childhood memories followed by the dogri songs which always made them feel so good. In this segment of Dogri Radio, doyens of Jammu like Dr.Karan Singh, Padma Sachdev, Balwant Thakur has been featured who shared their experiences and wisdom to the people of Jammu. Dogri Radio completed its 50th episode recently in which the famous Bollywood actor Mukesh Rishi shared his journey from Jammu to Mumbai. The main idea behind this Dogri Radio is to promote our dogri language and its culture. We have a very rich cultural heritage and one must come forward for the promotion and preservation of its own culture shared Sugam Bral.

In these crucial times when everybody is finding it difficult to stay inside, local boy Sugam has come up with this idea to keep them entertained. Dogri Radio has connected the folks of Jammu and Kashmir with its roots. We are leaving our language and already having identity crisis and Dogri Radio is one such initiative to connect dogras worldwide. Almost every folk of Jammu has started liking it and see the clock for its broadcast which comes at 8 pm everyday on social media platforms. This is not only the initiative of Jammu Diary, two more initiatives viz. Swadla Jammu based on a traditional food of Dogra by Sanjeev Sharma and Duggar Malati based on the history of Dogras and its personalities with Neha Sharma are getting accolades from every critic and expert. Jammu dairy took their initiatives to Delhi too where they did an event Swadla Jammu.

Sugam Bral shares that we are trying hard to take everything of Duggarland to every doorstep. Be it a food or attire, be it a history or culture, we are trying hard to make people aware of its Duggarland as its history speaks volume. These kinds of initiatives are the priorities of our life and we are doing it keeping in view that it can help the upcoming generations to stay with their roots. Like the Ministry of Culture, Government of India we are very soon going to start scholarship/fellowship projects which are awarded for undertaking research oriented projects on the culture, traditions, arts, history of Duggarland only.

The Dogras has done alot for its language and these kinds of initiative by Sugam Bral should be encouraged and give support to the endeavours of him. One must know that our language is our identity and the trend which Jammu Diary has set can help the Dogri language to grow more.
Radio is truthful, and when the medium is native language, the connect intensifies even more