Mai Bhi Chowkidar Campaign Of Modi


They say everything is fair in love, politics and war but then there should be someplace for political hygiene as the politics has stooped too low. In the murkier field of politics the BP as well as the big opposition party congress and other smaller political parties are leveling charges though baseless upon each other and the political narrative and discourse has gone abysmal low and the days of honest and clean politics are the things of bygone days and in this dirty exercise all political parties are equally involved leaving few regional parties here and there.

There is no genuine and meaningful debate, discussion and discourse today and the election season has further lowered the credibility of our political system and political parties with the political parties outnumbering each other in this murky politics. But Indian voter is shrewd and cleaver enough to distinguish between their saviors and their enemies and thus they will use weapon of adult franchise in the best interests of the nation and also for their own betterment.

New and ever new political slogans and rhetorical themes are invented by both the BJP as well as the Congress and there seems a competition among them so far as the use of the new slogans and narratives are concerned. Come elections and all parliamentary language is invisible and only unnecessary and uncalled for charges are leveled against one another to paint the rivals in a poor taste and this is not that the congress or the BJP alone but “iss hammam mai sab nagay hai”.

Narinder Modi the master strategist, the star campaigner and the PM of the country has invented a new twitter handle name for himself and has changed the old and existing twitter name and has suffix edit with the chowkidar Narender Modi. It seems that there is something great in the personality of Rahul Gandhi that the PM was forced and convinced to change his twitter handle name and this is the new political tool in the hands of BJP and this chowkidar Narinder Modi campaign is to take on their rival congress and other parties of so called Mahagathbandhan.

Though one can say that there is no comparison between Narinder Modi and RahulGandhi as PM is the tallest leader of the country having vast experience and is a charismatic leader having the quality of being a good public speaker and a good orator. But Rahul Gandhi is not a cleaver and mature politician but then he also has mastered the art of coining new and ever new slogans and narratives to attack his rival the PM Modi and the BJP in the run up to elections.

Modi has asked his cabinet colleagues to prefix mai be chowkida rto their names. Some cabinet ministers, BJP Chief Amit Shah and all important activists of BJP and Sangh Pariwar have added mai bi Chowkidar to their names but in Jammu the narrative of pre-fixing mai bhi Chowkidar draws flank.

This emotive decision of the Narinder Modi and BJP was criticized by Congress and its allies and they called it as the election gimmick and rightly so. Modi launched his mai bhi Chowkidar campaign and the BJP leaders followed on Modi’s Mai Bhi Chowkidar campaign.

BJP leaders including Amit Shah, Piyush Goyal and JP Nadda have also changed their names by adding prefix “Chowkidar” before their names on twitter. It is the saffron party’s bigger campaign against Congress party before the Lok Sabha elections. Congress president Rahul Gandhi tweeted a collage of PM Modi along with fugitive business-men including Vijay Mallya, Nirav Modi, Medul Chowksi and Guatam Adani and Anil Ambani with a hastag ‘mai bhichowkidar’.

Rahul’s reaction came after PM Modi launched the BJP’s Mai Bhi Chowkidar Campaign for upcoming Lok Sabha elections, urging everyone who cares for the country to come forward to fight corruption, dirt and social evils. So far so good but then the campaign only will not rid society & politics from evils like corruption and also will not weed out evils from the society. Campaign mai bhi  chowkidar has only political ramifications and it tries to surcharge atmosphere before the elections and it tries to give some edge to BJP which fears repetition of M.P, Rajasthan, Chattisgarh and Karnataka at the national level and so the new campaign mai bhi chowkidar has been launched and it was done with the objective of political expediency and also for checkmating the influence of congress and its allies in 2019 elections.

The new campaign also shows the perplexity and fear of BJP and now through the new campaign BJP wants to gain some upper hand in the elections. In fact, Modi led BJP has launched the campaign to counter the congress’s chowkidar chor Hai’.

Congress President Rahul Gandhi has time and again hurled the chowkidar chor hai barb at Modi over the alleged scams and it is very unfortunate and unbecoming of the president of the grand old party congress to use the words of chowkidar chor hai and it is seen that in Rahul Gandhi’s rallies crowds shouting the unpleasant & uncalled for & unwanted slogan of chowkidar chor hai. It is indeed sad that both the BJP as well as the congress and other allies of congress are leveling baseless charges upon each other in order to gain the support of the people in elections of 2019. But the biggest causality in this melodrama is the political hygiene which has almost vanished today thanks to the rhetorics of BJP and Congress which are the two main con-tenders in the 2019 election battle.

Modi said in the campaign “Your chowkidar is standing firm and serving the nation. But I am not alone; everyone who is fighting corruption, dirt & social evils is a chowkidar. Everyone working hard for the progress of the country is a chowkidar(Watchman). Today every Indian is saying Mai bhi Chowkidar.” Through the campaign, the BJP is trying to capitalize on the ‘Chowkidar chor hai’ jibe hurled at the PM by Congress President Rahul Gandhi.

Congress was quick to hit back at Modi’s fresh campaign, with Rahul wondering if the PM was already feeling guilty. Rahul has often used the term chowkidar to attack PM on a number of issues particularly over the allegation of corruption in Rafale deal. Not that only PM Modi uses the new slogan and epithets but congress as well is countering PM Modi & BJP using new narratives. After 2014 elections Rahul Gandhi has used the slogan of ‘suit boot kisarkar’ against Modi. In nutshell it has to be seen as how the new campaign of Modi will help the party in 2019 election.Nothing certain can be said about this.


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