Mahira Shah of Kashmir gets into Indian Book of Records for her Mandala art work

Srinagar,  Passion is a strong desire to do something and passion is what motivates one to draw and create, believes 24-year-old Mahira Shah who got her name listed in the Indian Book of Records for drawing the smallest Shikara or Boat in Mandala Art.

Hailing from Salar area of Pahalgam in south Kashmir, Mahira has created many things in Mandala Art and has recently submitted firepot “Kangri” for recognition in the world.

Mandala means “Circle” in the ancient Sanskrit language of Hinduism and Buddhism. Traditionally, a Mandala is a geometric design or pattern that makes it a spiritual symbol in Asian art.

“I was doing drawing work and making paintings right from my childhood and taking part in school competitions,” Mahira told UNI.

She said as she grew up her interest in art grew manifold but her aim was to achieve a place in Mandala Art and “that took me to success”.

She said she had uploaded so many creative things in Mandala Art on her social media pages of Instagram and Facebook where people all across the world are appreciating her work. She is receiving orders of Mandala Art items from different quarters of the country.

“My passion in Mandala Art grows like any other thing. I made the smallest Shikara (boat) which enables me to register my name in the Indian Book of Records”, Mahira said, adding “my artwork was the first in the world’s smallest and first ever made by any person so far.”

Mahira has completed her 10th standard from Madrasa Taleem-Ul Islam (MTI) from Tral in south Kashmir’s Pulwama district. She had to marry very early due to her family issues. She has a child and is continuing her 11th standard studies from her in Law’s house with their best support, she claimed.

“It took me a day to complete the Mandala Art of a Shikara which takes me to heights and I achieved the first place in the Indian Book of Records”, Mahira said. She said her parents always help her in all respects to carry forward her art.

She said she is providing shipping to all over India and orders are pouring in from various states for the unique art pieces. She is also ready to ship her art pieces if she gets orders from a foreign country.

Mahira is satisfied with her job and claims that her earnings are very satisfactory.

She appealed to the youth to choose the field in which they are able to continue their work to earn livelihood. There may come ups and downs in the life but the passion in youth should not die. Those who carry forward with devotion, dedication and passion reach success, she added.

“My dream is to take Kashmir to the world through my Mandala Art work so that everybody could recognize,” Mahira said and added “I have already created so many things of Kashmir in my Art and uploaded them on social media where people showed interest and appreciated my work”.

Mahira regrets that there was no appreciation from the government nor she received any encouraging call from any official so far.