One would love to look great every day. To achieve a
healthy skin gorgeous hair we need to work from inside and
out. Healthy food good sleep exercise is must to achieve all this. Most
often we ignore these aspects and look for shorter and quicker measures
to look good . Chemical treatments,peeling and bleaching are
sucher quick measures which should be avoided. These days there are
lots of gadgets and products that promise globe instantly but one
should carefully try and explore such machines and products as they
can be harmful in the long run.So here are some home concoctions
that can help you to take care of your skin.
Dark circles it could be to any body even a child can have toxic gas
due to erratic sleeping habit and then an adult can develop them with
age and lack of sleep whatever the reason maybe.
Apply peeled potato over night regularly on your eyes will definitely
give you some respite.Cucumber slices also can be kept
on your eyes to relieve the stress.Apply Rosewater on dark circle
by using cotton pad soaked and kept in the fridge and then use it .
For lack of lusture on the Lips or when they look darker it could be
due to smoking or using obnoxiou slip products or too much of tea coffee
can damage or dry them up for that we can use
 Honey on the Lips thrice a week to lighten the lip colour
 Mixture of almond powder and milk also can be applied on regular
basis Must keep them moisturised .you
can use ghee every night before sleeping.
Skin brightening . It’s time to rifle through your pantry and get
your own skin brightening potions,that will reveal your natural lusture
.Skin darkening could be due to over exposure of sunlight and the
over production of Milan pigment in skin.
 1/4 Cup orange juice
 1/4 cup tomato juice
 1/4 cup oats
 1 tsp glycerin. Blend well use two times in a day and wash your
face after five minutes it’s an excellent tonic for skin.
Milk is also very good for lightning skin.
For spotless complexion honey has antibacterial properties and also
helps in preventing pimples also ithas rich bleaching properties which
will help in fading scars and pigmentation.
While eating orange you can also use its peel and make a paste with
honey which is excellent for Acne and oily prone skin because of
which vitamin C properties it acts as a good anti pigmenting agent ,add
milk or coconut to this mixture to get an extra glow.
You can use face mist and serum for keeping your skin hydrated and
also ensure before you step out inthe sun to enrich your skin with
vitamin D extremely important to prevent your skin from sun damage
,so use your sunscreen religiously.Everything in nurture has something
or the other which is very good and keep your skin healthy and
give an instant dewy look.Shalz Salon & Medispa
Shivani Gupta Beauty Coach
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