Lockdown: ‘Yayavar’ set to launch online kids fest globally

Jammu: Literary body ‘Yayavar’ is all set to launch online kids festival globally in view of lockdown to keep the children engaged in various activities.
A handout issued here said that following the phenomenal success of its literary festivals in Jammu and Jalandhar, ‘Yayavar’ is all set to launch yet another event that is sure to bring readers and authors together on a common platform and stimulate thought provoking discussions among them.
Keeping young readers in mind, ‘Yayavar’ team is excited to launch the first-ever online literary festival for kids, said the handout.
“Given the current pandemic that our world is experiencing, ‘Yayavar’ has decided to conduct the festival online,” it said and added that efforts to deal with the limitations of global lockdowns has actually opened new doors – given the online format, the festival has attracted keen interest from kids and parents from across the world.
“We have received confirmations from attendees from Egypt, Russia, Australia and USA,” it said adding that it will not only allow to promote healthy reading habits, but also expose future generations to bonds of kinship that transpire national boundaries, perhaps an important learning that COVID-19 wants to imbibe in kids”.
The festival will be held on https://www.facebook.com/JAMMU-Literary-Festival-659041881175493/ on Apri 22 and 23rd between 10:00 Hours to 1400 hours.
The Team is getting appreciation and support from Mr Andrej Chernov, President Yalta (Russia) Literary Festival, Tagore Literary Society, Denmark, it added.
Ms Suja Warrior, Infosys, Pankaj Dubey, spokesperson Bollywood, Stand for humanity, Kanika Maheswari , actor will be online during the online event.
“What makes this festival truly exciting is that besides featuring authors from across India who have penned some amazing kids books, we have also received hand written reviews on such books from our young readers who are looking forward to the event,” Nupur Sandhu, the Founder Director ‘Yayavar’ said adding, “We also received several drawings from kids aged up to twelve years on the theme of Nature and Friendship. These reviews and drawings will be showcased during the event, thereby allowing our adult participants to not just appreciate the talents of these young minds, but also take a peek into their childhood memories.”