Lockdown no solution, Covid-19 can be defeated by simply following guidelines: Dr HL Goswami

JAMMU: Former GMC-Jammu Principal and a prominent surgeon, Dr HL Goswami on Fridya said that another lockdown to fight spread of Covid-19 is n solution and urged the people follow the simple guidelines to defeat this virus.
“You can’t lockdown the country again and again. It is no solution as Covid-19 can be defeated by simply following the prescribed guidelines,” Dr Dr HL Goswami in an exclusive interview to Greater Jammu.
Dr HL Goswami, who later became a member of J&K PSC of the erstwhile State, said that the lockdown imposed earlier was not utilised properly although, the people followed the guidelines properly.
“Lockdown could have been utilised in a better way by creating facilities and developing infrastructure to fight the pandemic,” he said.
He said that another lockdown could prove disastrous as many people have lost jobs. “Life is prime concern but we also have to take care of livelihood,” he said.
Dr Goswami said that people must wear masks, maintain social distancing, keep washing hands regularly and avoid going to crowded places. “This is the simple way we can defeat Covid-19,” he said.
“The disease originated from China in the month of December and it was declared as a pandemic in March in India and is still prevailing as a worldwide problem,” he said.
The virus usually spreads from person to person in several ways as it is an air borne disease, he said.
India’s healthcare system has major inadequacies. The medical facilities are distressing for the patients as well as medical staff, he said.
We must increase the strength of the doctors and other medical staff in the hospitals to effectively fight the pandemic, he said.
Avoid going to temples and other religious places and most importantly eat healthy food so that we all can face this virus, he urged the people.