Libya’s eastern-based government resigns amid protests

Tripoli: The interim government allied with Libya’s eastern-based renegade commander Khalifa Haftar resigned on Monday amid protests over power cuts and deteriorating living conditions.
Ezzel-Deen al-Falih, a spokesman for the Tobruk-based House of Representatives (HoR), said Prime Minister Abdallah al-Thani tendered the government’s resignation to Speaker Aguila Saleh, Al Jazeera reported.
Parliamentary spokesman Abdallah Abaihig said HoR lawmakers would review the resignation of al-Thani’s government, which is not internationally recognised, in their next meeting. No date has been set for the session.
The HoR accused the Central Bank and the GNA of “plundering” the country and neglecting the east, in an apparent efforts to deflect blame for the deterioration of public services.
In recent days, people have taken to the streets of Benghazi, setting tyres ablaze and blocking traffic on several major roads and other eastern cities protesting against crippling electricity shortages and poor living conditions.
On Saturday, protests also erupted in al-Marj, a Haftar stronghold.