LETTER TO THE EDITOR : Brig Rajpurohit’s well articulated article


Through the medium of your esteemed newspaper I would like to appreciate this daily for
publishing a very well written article titled ‘Does India need to talk to Pakistan?’ authored by Brigadier Jeevan Rajpurohit (PhD). It would be apt to state that the writer deserves
salutations for the highly articulated piece based on facts and realities. This not only reflects the writer’s profound knowledge of the current affairs as well as his analytical acumen. It is high time that Pakistan and some politicians from Kashmir Valley realize the fact that India will not talk to the rouge state till it completely stops indulging in cross border terrorism, leading to mayhem and law and order problems in India especially in
J&K. Moreover, why should India talk to Pakistan at all when it continues to illegally occupy a part of the territory of J&K flouting all norms of International Law by handing some part of the occupied territory to China for the economic corridor? Therefore it can be easily concluded that there is no use of indulging in a dialogue with Pakistan as of now. Even if at
some stage it is felt that the environment is conducive for talks, Bharat will engage the neighbour at its own terms and conditions.

Kalpana Tickoo