Let’s end the log-jam and move forward: Brig Gupta urges Kashmiris

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JAMMU: Concerned over the continued log-jam in Kashmir, Brig Anil Gupta, State Spokesperson of Bharatiya Janata Party, has made a fervent appeal to the Kashmiris to spurn anger and move forward.
“Let’s forget different narratives fed to you so far by the power brokers for the furtherance of their self-interests rather than the common interests of all Kashmiris. Let’s accept the reality that decision of August 5 is irreversible and is for the betterment of all of us. There is always resistance to change. But history bears testimony to the fact that only those nations and societies have prospered which evolved continuously shunning status quo. Let’s give change a chance and move ahead,” stated Brig Gupta in a press release issued today.
Referring to Pakistan’s interference and intent to inflict terrorism, Brig Gupta said, “It is certain that Pakistan is not rushing into war; it has no money for a new war. Probably it will stick to or further intensify its usual strategy of “death by thousand cuts”, after the much awaited FATF verdict. Success of this much depends on our brethren in Kashmir. They can have a brilliant future on a par with their magnificent past, but they should reject Pakistani incitement and embrace their Indian brethren, as their grandparents did in the stormy 1947.” With political patronage becoming a thing of the past, militancy cannot survive without public support because a militant movement without public support is like a fish out of water, asserted Brig Gupta.

Continuing his appeal Brig Gupta reiterated, “We are a nation where all faiths, thoughts, ideologies, people of different caste, creed and colour co-exist. Let’s make J&K a peaceful place where your intellect, expert craftsmanship, creative abilities and vast tourism potential is nurtured. We together can make it happen. Let’s unite. India has always treated you as own and continues to do so.”
He further said, “Pakistan cannot even feed her own people, they are rotting in heat without power, fuel and bare necessities! Look at us, despite everything, there are no shortages, everything is available. Let calm prevail. Don’t fall for propaganda or fake news that is pedalled from across the border. They have only brought Kalashnikovs, death and destruction! Let’s build our lives together. Let’s move forward.”