Less number of Kashmiri Pandits visit Kheer Bhawani on the occasion of Jyestha Ashtami

Srinagar: Lesser number of Kashmiri Pandits visited the Tulmulla in Ganderbal after two years of Covid restriction to celebrate the Kheer Bhawani festival on the occasion of “Jyeshtha Ashtami” on Wednesday.
Some Pandits had come from Jammu in buses under tight security while others from nearby villages of the Ganderbal district and other valley parties performed pooja at the Kheer Bhawani or the Rgnya Devi temple at Tulmulla.
Non locals who are working in the Kashmir valley were also seen descending upon the temple on the occasion.
The Kashmiri Pandit Sangarash Samiti (KPSS) on Tuesday said in a tweet “In between target killings and relocation demands by employees, Kheer Bhawani Mela became point of ego for the Administration”,.
In another tweet the KPSS said the government is desperate to show to the world that normalcy has returned to Kashmir and we KPs are just collateral damage in this success. Ruling party is trying hard to bring Kashmiri Pandits to Kheer Bhawani. Despite cancellation requests dozens of JKRTC vehicles have been stationed at different places in Jammu.
The members of the majority community welcome the Kashmiri Pandits on their arrival at the temple. Pandits purchased pooja items from the Muslims who had put up their stall near the temple.