Leech Therapy Gains Popularity In Kashmir

Nawroz-e-Aalam is celebrated on 21st March every year and this is marked as the beginning of Persian calendar.  Besides planting trees Kashmiris celebrate it as the mark of new agricultural season with seeds being sown and farms made ready. But this is not only the reason for celebration. Kashmiri people wait for this day to undergo leach therapy.

  1. Leach therapy is an old practice and it dates back to 200 BC.
  2. The practitioners believed that leach therapy cures many diseases like skin diseases, arthritis, chronic headaches, sinusitis etc.
  3. This therapy is used because of the severe cold in Kashmir which leads to scars and other chronic diseases.
  4. Leach therapy cleans the impure blood.
  5. It helps in lowering uric acid in the body.

In Kashmir there are six hospitals that are using this technique to treat the patients suffering form cronic diseases.

Leach therapy is not only popular in J&K but is spreading all over the country. Ancient Arabs, Egyptians and Greeks have also used this therapy to treat diseases. Many people are now considering leach therapy as a better option for treatment rather than pharmaceuticals treatment.