K’taka govt withdraws order against funding temples

Bengaluru, Aug 20  The Congress government in Karnataka has withdrawn the order pertaining to the stopping of funding state-run Hindu temples for development work.

Karnataka Muzrai Minister Ramalinga Reddy has given a clarification saying that the circular issued by the department was due to “confusion”, and the government did not intend to stop any funding to the temples.

The officials of Muzrai department including the commissioner and principal secretary have been asked to withdraw the order, the minister said.

This decision was taken after facing public wrath over the order against the funding of state-run Hindu temples.

Not only this, Congress has been facing the flak for taking anti-Hindu stances since the formation of its government in May. Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has been criticised on issues like handling Udupi filming and plan to decriminalise cattle slaughter among others.

Muzari Commissioner, on August 14, had issued a circular, directing all the district administrators to withhold the funding being provided to state-run temples.

The funds were meant for repair and development work in the temples. This applied to temples where 50 per cent funds were provided or the funding was sanctioned, but the work had not progressed.

Karnataka has nearly 34,000 endowment temples, categorised into Class A, B and C based on the amount of revenues they generate annually.

Class A generates Rs 25 lakh plus revenue annually, while Class B rakes up Rs 5 lakh to Rs 25 lakh, and Class C mops up under Rs 5 lakh. There are 175 Class A temples, 158 Class B and remaining are Class C out of the 34,000 endowment temples in the state.