Know your skin behind the mask. (DIY KIT)

Shivani Gupta

Our clients miss their stylists, manicurists ,artist and dermatologist as much as we miss them . Here, in our new normal.. We bring expertise straight to your home for lessons on handling at-home beauty like a pro.
While we’re all stuck indoors , treating yourself to a much-deserved facial may seem like a far-off, unimaginable luxury – but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t continue to care for your complexion. On the contrary, while the outside world continues to manifest constant feelings of anxiety, fear, and uncertainty, it’s more important to take care of your own mental health and well-being.
Lets not forget to treat and pamper our skin so DIY facial. Is the solution.
At Shalz Salon Medispa we plan an appointment with your skin and then design the facial in salon and follow with home care DIY sessions .
Step one: Massage with a cleansing oil. Gently work the oil into your face, not forgetting your neck and under your chin and spend a good minute or so massaging this in with your fingertips. …
Step two: Cleanse again with an anti pollution cleanser Steam is the key to opening up the pores, softening skin, and increasing circulation.
Now that your skin has been cleansed, exfoliated, and steamed, it’s time for a treatment mask. Your pores are open and ready to soak up the nourishing mask ingredients.
After you remove the face mask, it’s time for toner. Yes, this step is important! Toner helps equalize the skin’s pH after cleansing and masking, bringing it back to its natural level.
And if you have a lot of products and are not sure which comes first, a general rule is to apply thinnest to thickest and allow each step to completely dry before applying the next step.,
acne flare-ups are a concern for people who have to wear a tight-fitting mask all day, such as healthcare and grocery store workers. She says it’s important to take a break from wearing the mask when you can safely do so and avoid putting make up on the lower face. Also, gently washing your face twice a day can help with any breakouts.
Invest in an ultrasonic device to effectively clean out pores and remove unnecessary dead skin cells from your face, neck, and chest.
Getting a facial is one of the favorite splurges. The steam, the mask, the face massage – it’s all heavenly. And, of course, we always recommend you come back every month.
So we look forward to be normal with our skin care regime. Stay safe stay healthy