Joint Press Briefing By Army, Navy, Air Force: Highlights


The chiefs of three armed forces today briefed the media on the India-Pakistan border tensions. Here are the highlights:

On air strikes carried out by Pakistan Air Force

* Air Vice Marshal (AVM) RGK Kapoor: The IAF fighters were tasked to intercept the intruding Pakistani aircraft and managed to thwart them. “Although PAF jets dropped bombs, they were not able to cause any damage.

* AVM Kapoor: There is no doubt that Pakistan Air Force tried to target military installations in India—referring to the air strikes carried out by the PAF on Wednesday. He added that the strikes missed the target.

* The chiefs of the armed forces also gave the visuals of cover of AARAM missile fired from Pakistani F-16 aircraft found near the LoC in India.


* AVM Kapoor: One Pakistani F-16 was shot down by an IAF MiG 21 Bison Aircraft.East of Rajouri, parts of F-16 have been recovered, inside Indian territory—following PAF strikes on Wednesday.

* The chief added that there is enough evidence to show that F-16s were used in this mission through the electronic signatures. Parts of AMRAAM, air to air missile which is carried only on the Pakistani F-16s was recovered east of Rajouri within the Indian territory.
On India’s air strikes targetting Jaish-e-Mohammad terror training camps in Balakot.

* AVM Kapoor when questioned about the bombing on JeM terror camps in Balakot on Tuesday said that it is premature to say how many people died in the air strikes carried out by India. “Whatever we intended to destroy we got that result,” he said countering scepticism about whether IAF fighters had hit the intended targets.

* Major General Surendra Singh Mahal: As long as Pakistan continues to harbour terrorists, we will continue to target the terror camps.

* Air Vice Marshal RGK Kapoor: We have evidence to show that whatever we wanted to do and targets we wanted to destroy, we have done that. Decision to show the evidence (of the Balakot strike’s success) is on senior leadership.

On Abhinandan Varthaman

* AVM Kapoor: Also, IAF is happy that Wing Commander Abhinandan is returning tomorrow. Varthaman’s MiG 21 was shot and he bailed out after bringing down one Pakistani F-16 fighter during a dogfight to repel a Pakistani attack on Wednesday morning, he said. He has been in Pakistan since then.

* Asked if the IAF sees it as a goodwill move, AVM Kapoor said, “We see it as a gesture in consonance with the Geneva Conventions.”

* Navy Rear Admiral DS Gujral: We are ready for any misadventure by Pakistan and we are ready for resolute action. We want to ensure safety and security of our citizens.

* AVM Kapoor : The armed forces are on high alert and ready to meet any security challenge on land and sea.