JMC distributes soap among Safaikarmacharies

Chander Mohan Gupta, Mayor JMC Jammu distributing soap among Safaikarmacharies in Jammu on Tuesday.

JAMMU: With an aim to maintain the personal hygiene, Chander Mohan Gupta Hon’ble Mayor, alongwith Miss Tinna Mahajan KAS, Secretary Jammu Municipal Corporation today started distribution of soap among the Safaikarmacharies of Ward No 1,2,29 & 33 which is sponsored and provided by the ‘Save Child Save Nation’ NGO.
The Sanitation Officers, Sanitary Inspectors and other field staff was also present during the distribution of soap. The process of distribution of soap shall remain continue to each and every safaikarmachari of all the wards falling within the limits of JMC, as well as the slum area notified within JMC limits.
Further the JMC authorities appealed to the citizens to follow COVID-19 guidelines and maintain hygiene and cleanness, a campaign to “Clean Jammu and Green Jammu”