JKNPP Chairman behaving like an injured Panther: BJP

JAMMU: After BJP successfully exposed the real face of JKNPP, the conscience of its Chairman has been badly hurt and he is now behaving like an injured Panther.
But his repeated assertion of “NPP has become a force to reckon with”, is a classic example of ‘Chiraag tale Andhera’ or simply put nearer the temple farther from God, stated the Bharatiya Janata Party in a press release issued here today. “You should have taken care to avoid being hurt by others before you were hurt. If it’s just a sting to your ego, let it go. It’s not worth the stress and negativity in your life. If you feel you have been hurt badly look inside yourself and decide why you have been hurt. Carry out introspection calmly and without malice or accusations. Remember when you point a finger at others the other fingers point at you,” stated Brig Veteran Anil Gupta, Spokesperson of the Party in a friendly advice to the JKNPP Chairman. In a series of statements, ever since the BJP exposed the dual face of the party after it publically shook hand with a Kashmir-centric political party responsible for systematic annihilation of the Dogra heritage, pride and culture, the lofty ideals for which NPP claims to be the very cause of the party the NPP Chairman has exposed his desperation and frustration by attacking the BJP leadership. People are the best judge and they understand everything that is happening. Ever since, it parted ways with the Congress to represent the cause of Jammu, it has failed miserably to deliver. While it questions BJP’s decision to join hand with PDP, which was dictated by the mandate given by the two regions, it easily ignores its lust for power when it with just four MLAs joined the PDP-Congress coalition government in 2002, highlighted Brig Gupta.
Brig Gupta also reminded the NPP leadership the anti-Jammu stance taken by its President during the Third Round Table Conference on J&K convened by then PM Manmohan Singh at New Delhi in April 2007. “Every time the BJP delegation stood up to raise the burning issues of Jammu it was shouted down by Prof Bhim Singh at the instance of Dr Farooq Abdullah who later complimented him for the same,” stated Brig Gupta.