Jammu Municipal Corporation Organizes Awareness Programme Today


An awareness programme was organized by JMC on solid waste management. The programme was held at Govt. Girls Higher Secondary School, Bazar Qasaban, Upper Gujjar Nagar, Jammu.

The main motive behind the programme was to raise the awareness of solid waste management and how to recycle the products.

Master Jorawar Singh started his lecture with the solid waste management. He told the different ways to dispose off solid waste from the school to the society.

According, to him after segregation Biodegradable are stored in a container and composted in month. The method is very easy first of all put the small stems then some leave after that put all the organic material in the container put some cattle dung in the container it will remove all the foul smell of the contain but after filling it cover it with a led or small other cover. Then it should be let it free for the month. Then, the compost will be prepared automatically with in the month without any chemical/physical process. The Non- Biodegradable is washed dried then can be sold to JMC which will be further send to processing unit for recycle.

The Principal of the school has appreciated work of JMC after addressing the lecture from the expert.

Students of the school appeal to the people that not to use polythene carry bags.