It’s done. Another ICC tournament where we faltered at the last hurdle if not the second last. Yet another one of those dominating group stages that resulted in us walking away empty handed. We were once again defeated by a formidable opponent. Yes, all of this is true.

What is different though is that this time around, that formidable opponent was the underdog going into the final. What was different is that in all my years of being an ardent cricket fan, this is the best Indian team to have played the World Cup. What is different is that it broke records held for generations. What is different is that every damn member carried out their role to perfection in an almost perfect campaign.

Don’t think that I’m not hurting. This hurts the most. More than Dhoni’s run out for me personally. Not because I feel we should have lost then. Just that we should have won this time. This was more ours than any trophy has ever been. That is what I beleive. And since yesterday there’s just been a void. It’ll pass with time for sure but it’ll take its time.

The thing is sports has always been an integral part of my life. It’s helped me get through stuff. And I know for sure, that in the years to come, I’ll keep revisiting this tournament beacuse that’s the amount of joy it brought me. Kohli’s 50th, Rohit’s opening, Shami’s 5fers, Rahul’s Glovework, Iyer’s sixes and so much more. It’s been an absolute privilege to have supported India throughout this edition of the World Cup. To see a team you absolutely love, wreak havoc on the record books and play like they own the pitch and the opposition makes you feel invincible. The sheer level of dominance should never be forgotten because of one match.

In the end, it sucks that the one day where it shouldn’t have, it went wrong. Utterly, completely and hopelessly wrong. The world cup campaign ‘It takes one day’ will haunt forever more because that is exactly what it took. But there’s a reason why rear view mirrors are smaller than the windshields. Because whatever lies ahead is much bigger than what has gone by. On that note, well played Australia. And thank you Team India, the road ahead still belongs to us.