Israel protests against failure in economy handling amid Covid-19 pandemic

Israel protests

Tel Aviv: Thousands of protestors have gathered at Rabin square on Saturday to voice their anger against the Israeli government’s failure in handling the economic situation of the country amid Covid-19 pandemic.
The event was organised by small businesses, self-employed workers and performing artists groups.
The agitators accused the government for untimely payment of support schemes money during the lockdown period to combat coronavirus, which lead to economic hardships.
Israel’s Haaretz website reported that leaders from hospitality, tourism, transportation, arts and culture industries declined an invitation by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to discuss the situation.
“The Israeli government and its leader are responsible for the failure in implementing aid programs,” said the organizers, who called on the government to amend its financial aid packages.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met activists to discuss their frustrations and assured them that “We will meet our commitments including hastening the immediate payments that we want to give you,”.
Israel imposed a strict lockdown in mid-March but started lifting restrictions in late May. Unemployment has risen to 21 per cent.