Involve DDC Members in policy making process: Jasvir Singh

JAMMU: Development and welfare policy making process in Jammu Kashmir needs a serious review, said District Development Council (DDC) member Panchari, Jasvir Singh today.
While taking to Greater Jammu, Jasvir Singh alleged that Government has not been involving the DDC members in policy making process.
“No doubt the implementation of 73rd and 74th Constitutional Amendment Acts, 1992, which give Constitutional status to Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs) and Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) respectively, has started a new era in Jammu and Kashmir but for the last 14 months Government neither have asked DDC members for suggestion nor they have called on for discuss the policy making process,” Singh said.
Around 280 DDC members across the 20 districts of Jammu Kashmir represent people of their respective areas and they are well aware about the issues of people but unfortunately Government does not involve them in policy making, Singh added.
Panchayat, blocks and District Councils have no source of income, revenue and own assets as they depend upon the apex and Government funds, he said.
“Development works hammer due to the non involvement of DDC members in policy making process. DDC members feel helpless if they have no funds for repair, miscellaneous and emergency work,” Singh added.
“As a DDC member, I leave no stone unturned to raise the issues of people to the higher authorities and at the same time I am unable to address the issues of my people which further defeat the purpose of DDC as an elected members”, Singh said, adding, “It is the one of the main reason that most of the work in my areas get delayed due to the absence of timely action, coordination and supervision.”
Singh also slammed the Government to introduce the Sport Policy without any debate, discussion and participation of elected representatives.