Insufficient number of bunkers on IB lack facilities: Manjit Singh

File Photo

JAMMU: Apni Party leader Manjit Singh, while highlighting deplorable condition of bunkers in villages along the International Border, said that the people have complained that the bunkers have become “death traps” for the people.
“Many bunkers are incomplete. In majority, people have expressed their concern about bunkers flooded with groundwater. Insufficient numbers of bunkers in villages have added to more trouble in the lives of the villagers on the International Border,” he said.
He was addressing a farmers’ meeting in RS Pura today.
During ceasefire violations, he said, the farmers have no safe place to take shelter except these bunkers which are constructed with insufficient numbers. “People find it hard to hide in these bunkers which are flooded with groundwater and many times, they have to pump the water out of the bunkers. There is no toilet facility inside the bunkers. People especially women and children in large numbers take shelter in these bunkers,” he said.
He said that facilities provided by the administration should be improved instead of pushing people to great inconvenience.
The Former Minister said that transporters, drivers, conductors and traders are among the worst sufferers due to Covid-19 lockdown and post August 5, 2019 constitutional changes in Jammu and Kashmir.
Sarpanch Swaran Lal, Jagdish Lal, Panch Balvinder Lal, Kharati Lal, Parvjeet, Somnath, Swaran Lal, Shammi Choudhary, Shubham and Gurvinder Singh were among the locals who attended the function and they also joined Apni Party in presence of senior leaders of the Party.