Infant Falls From Fourth-Floor Window, Saved


A 14-month-old child fell from his fourth-floor home in Mumbai but survived the crash and is being treated in hospital for serious injuries. Fortunately, his fall was interrupted by a tree.

As the baby, Atharva Barkade, fell, he was caught in the branches of a tree right next to the building, which cushioned his fall and reduced the impact of what could have been a life-threatening descent. He has suffered injuries to his lip, foot and liver.

Fortis Hospital where he is being treated, said in a statement, “The child is in the Intensive Care Unit. While his condition has improved from the time he was admitted with us, he’s suffered injuries to the liver which will need intensive treatment, including transfusion of blood products.”

The toddler was playing when he rolled over the ledge and fell off a window.

According to his parents, the window was accidentally left open. Sensing his fall, his parents rushed downstairs. Atharva’s grandmother was the first to realise the mishap and raised an alarm.The baby’s father Ajit Barkade rushed him to Fortis hospital.