Indian-Origin Woman Strangled To Death By ‘Gay’ Husband


An Indian-origin woman Jessica Patel was murdered by her husband in Middlesborough, northern England- it has been established. Mitesh Patel, 37, the husband of 34-year-old pharmacist Jessica Patel was on Monday, found guilty for her murder. Patel had earlier denied killing Jessica, who was found dead at their home in May.

According to the reports ,the judge found Patel gulity of ‘strangling his wife to death’ with a supermarket plastic bag, so that he could start afresh with his boyfriend. Patel reportedly met his boyfriend through a dating app Grindr. A further hearing to determine Patel’s sentencing will be held on Wednesday. According to the reports, the court was told that Patel had planned to claim a GBP 2-million life insurance and decided to move to Australia with ‘soulmate’ on Dr Amit Patel.

Patel, who had, in 2015 told his boyfriend that his wife’s days were ‘marked’ had also searched the net for topics such as- “I need to kill my wife”, “insulin overdose”, “plot to kill my wife, do I need a co-conspirator?”, “hiring hitman UK” and “how much methadone will kill you?” reports told.

Meanwhile, Jessica’s family issued a statement at the end of the trial and said that they were devastated by her death. She had simple dreams, all she ever wanted was to fall in love, have a family of her own and live happily ever after… The man we welcomed into our family, who promised to look after and protect her, betrayed her in every sense of the word, cheating her of her dreams, robbing her of her life and robbing us of her.