Indian-Origin Singapore Student Wins Gold Medals


A 12-year-old Indian-origin student from Singapore has bagged two gold medals at the World Memory Championships held in Hong Kong.

Dhruv Manoj won in the “names and faces” and “random words” disciplines, beating 56 other contestants in the “kids category” in the competition held.

Dhruv, who just finished primary school, memorised more than seven decks of shuffled cards in an hour, 1,155 binary numbers in half that time, and 87 names and faces in 15 minutes.

The only Singaporean in the competition of over 260 contestants from China, Russia, India, Taiwan and Malaysia, Dhruv stood out with his stupendous memory.

Dhruv has mastered the Roman memory technique of creating “memory palaces”, which works by associating the ideas or objects to be memorised with scenes imagined at familiar locations, such as one’s house.