Indian Council for Cultural Relations hosts folk music “Ritriya” performance

JAMMU: Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR), Regional Office, Jammu, a cultural wing of Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, under its Horizon Series, hosted a folk form of music “Ritriya” performanceat Natraj Natyakunj Hall, Bakshinagar.
In continuation of its role in showcasing Jammu’s folk forms of dance and music, especially those at the verge of extinction,this was amarvellous gift for the Jammuites as this particularold folktraditional form is especially performed in this month of year.
The programme started with lighting of lamp by Regional Director ICCR Jammu N.K. Shil and Regional Passport Officer and other dignitaries present there. After that, the artists and guests were felicitated by Regional Director, ICCR, Jammu with the presentation of bouquet.
The jam-packed audience at the auditorium was mesmerized by the heart rendering and powerful singing and soulful composition of Bishan Dass.
The lively“Ritriya”presentation byfamous group of Rasal Chand, Ratan Chandand Charan Dass unleashed the fairy-tale of folk-dance form of great antiquity. Rasal Chand who is also a veteran singer in this particular Folk song form, himself sang and danced as main artist of the group which was highly applauded and appreciated by the audiences.
The real object of this folk-songs form is to thank the eternal power for protecting the life of the people, their crops and cattle and also their children.
Thus, the members of this dance are usually farmers who raised their hearts in gratitude to Godfor safeguarding them against all sorts of natural calamities. That is why this is also a ritual that takes place as a celebration for the successful harvesting of the crops, especially the maize.
The presentation was the magnificent reflection of state’s rich cultural heritage, traditions, rituals and customs thus familiarizing the young generations with their glorious past.
Welcoming the invited guests and audience, Regional Director of ICCR Jammu, N.K. Shil saidthat ICCR, Jammu take pride in revitalizing the rarest performing traditionalartof remotest region. ICCR in its efforts to fetch the cultural traditions of this region to National/International limelight, so far has organised ‘Hern Festival’ ‘Geetru Festival’, ‘Karkaan Festival’, ‘Bhaakh Festival’, and ‘Jagarna Festival’.
Further he urged that it is the onus of all to promote the folk traditions of Art and Culture.”
The performances began with Dogri song “Pehla full Raambji da na lena dua full nimbua hari ban raina” by Charan Dass, Ratan Chand and Rasal Chand which enthralled everybody in the audience with the powerful singing and dancing.
The musicians who accompanied the group include Charan Das on Dholak and others on Khartal and on Flute.Distinguished guests who were present were Brij Mohan, Renowned Poet & Music Director of Dogri language and P.L Patihar, Advisor, Natraj Natya Kunj Jammu.
The event also went live on virtual mode.Another noteworthy feature was the amazing anchoring done by versatile presenter Abhishek Bharti. The programme ended with a vote of thanks presented by Reena Slathia, Cultural Officer, ICCR Jammu.