India, Germany pledge to work together to ensure enhanced ties on AI

New Delhi: Recognising that Artificial Intelligence will fundamentally impact the way the world lives and works in future, India and Germany on Friday pledged to work together to foster, encourage and develop ties on AI technologies and promote innovation and sustainable development.
A Joint Statement issued at the end of bilateral meeting between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, said: “Recognizing that international cooperation has long been a key feature of cutting-edge research projects, both sides agreed on working together closely to conduct joint bilateral and or multilateral research and development activities on the development and use of AI”
Both sides also reaffirmed the importance of building Digital Partnership to intensify regular interaction and coordination towards collaboration on the next generation technologies.
The Joint Statement said both sides stressed the unique opportunity to enhance Indo-German collaboration in the area of AI for health.
Prime Minister Modi and Chancellor Merkel welcomed AI collaborations in Agriculture such as precision farming with the aim to increase efficiency and to save resources as well as reduction of food losses and waste.
The Ministries of Agriculture in both the countries will aim to establish open training data sets for AI applications that also address legal issues, it said.
“India and Germany aspire to build a collaborative partnership by leveraging advantages on each side recognising increasing integration of hardware and software in developing Internet of Things, IoT and AI solutions for societal benefits”.
The Joint Statement also said that the potential synergies in focus areas such as Health, Mobility, Environment and Agriculture offer immense opportunities for enhancing cooperation and building on comparative advantages by both the countries.
Germany and India intend to engage in further cooperation especially by fostering multidisciplinary research and development in AI.
It also said the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the Department of Science and Technology, through the Indo-German Science and Technology Centre, agreed to organize a bilateral workshop in Berlin in 2020 in order to identify areas of mutual interest.