The significance of inculcating democratic values like tolerance, pluralism and freedom is more than ever relevant today so far as India is concerned. Moreover, no present day society can function without these values even across the globe. Since change is the essence of life the past has to be changed, be it customs or ideas. In fact there is a need to continuously reinterpret the past practices as per the current scenario. Moving in this direction, the practices followed by the ancestors cannot be continued without applying mind or without gauging the implications, failing which it could prove fatal. It is here that research has a very significant role to play as it defines as well as shapes the way people live, work, and the way they relate to each other. Because of this it has been observed that leading nations across the globe focus on research as a flagged priority. Unfortunately in India there has not been much progress so far as inclination towards genuine research in India is concerned and this does not auger well for the future of India. Though vigorous research is currently going on to defeat the new variants of the deadly Corona virus across the nation, it needs to be acknowledged that the overall progress in the field of research has been at a snail’s pace. While research in science, technology or medicine is very important in the present times, at the same time research in thoughts and ideologies is no less significant. It is pertinent to mention here that societies which base their living patterns and behaviour on the researched thought process have a longer life. On the contrary, the rest of the societies which do not think, are unable to sort out existential issues because they neither encourage free thought nor do they respect diversity of the thought processes and in such a situation such societies are bound to perish sooner. In this regard India has been quite fortunate as an unobstructed flow of pure thought continued in this part of the world for centuries. This thought process needs to be rejuvenated today as it would lead to high quality, noble, and unbiased abstract thought that concretizes itself into good human beings and healthy social institutions. Presently, there are a few reputed research institutions in some selected cities of the nation where there is good teaching, good research and good training that could be termed as centres of excellence. In such a scenario, the entire aspirants rush to these cities for admission and this naturally can lead to other problems that would tell upon the efficacy of these very institutions of excellence. While Indian scholars, especially the youth, are having extreme passion for carrying out research on highly relevant real life problems, they need proper channelizing to accomplish their goals for which various stakeholders, especially the government must multiply the number of centres of excellence in research across the nation besides ensuring immense funding of the research projects taken up at these centres. Though the New Education Policy continues multiple provisions that are aimed at achieving this objective, it needs to be seen how far it will succeed in inculcating research culture among the people especially the youth during its ground implementation in the coming time.