I chose Wimbledon over writing exams: Sania Mirza


In a candid chat capsules ’11 Mantras of Being Unstoppable with Ananya’, ace Tennis player Sania Mirza revealed that she is a college dropout and chose Wimbledon over her exams.

Sport, academics, science, or management–women have broken the glass ceiling in every field of their choosing and redefined rules with absolute panache, they are in fact unstoppable.

But what makes them unstoppable? Presenting some never told before secrets from the fiercest ladies of today, Ananya Birla brings a series of candid chat capsules on MX player – ’11 Mantras of Being Unstoppable with Ananya’.

In a candid chat with Sania Mirza, Ananya asked her how she got into the sport.

‘I started playing tennis when I was six and I didn’t have any motivation at that point obviously but my parents always wanted that their child to play a sport, not at this level or professionally but just to play because they really believe that sports build characters and I believe that as well. So that’s how I sort of used to swim, I used to play tennis, I used to roller skate, so happened to be a little bit more talented at Tennis than the other things. So that’s literally how it started and then you know, we kind of went from year to year, tournament to tournament. I was doing better, so my parents just kept encouraging me. And of course, we had that battle like to do studies or sport, which is a universal battle that every child goes through,’ Sania said.

Sania told she is a college dropout. ‘I dropped out as well in college but you know I had to choose between Wimbledon and writing exams, so ya I chose Wimbledon at that point,’ she said.

Talking about criticism and how she handles it, Sania said,’ I always tell people that never be afraid to think out of box and do something out of the box because I think that, as women already as girls we face a lot of drawbacks in terms of like society or ‘log kya kahenge’ is the most favourite of everything and you know it kills more careers than anything else. Like you are going to get dark, who is going to marry you. I think you need to believe that doing something out of ordinary or out of whatever you are supposed to do as a girl or as a child and if you love it then do it and always enjoy what you are doing’.

Sania also revealed why she moved from singles to doubles in her game.

‘Yeah, it was a very tough decision at that point I had three surgeries when I was 28, so you know I had to make a choice between either playing singles or doubles which I did, always but you know my focus at that time was singles. I had to make choice to play singles for two years and stop playing completely or like rearrange my goals a little bit and try to get number one in the world with doubles and win slams and be able to have a longer career,’ she added.

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