HP govt issues circular to contain Covid-19 in state Secretariat

Shimla: Himachal Pradesh Government issued a circular to maintain crowd and movement of general public inside the state secretariat after issuing a Circular on March 30 to contain the COVID pandemic.
Secretary Secretariat Administration Devesh Kumar in the circular said section officers would ensure that there are no unnecessary casual visitors in any branch or offices and gathering of such visitors be avoided. He said to ensure safety of the branch staff and therefore may be strictly followed by large public interest and preventive and precautionary steps must be taken well in time to check the spread of Covid cases.
The circular was issued by the government after surge of Covid case in the country and State.
It came to notice of the secretariat Administration that visitors, outsider and officials of different department of the government are frequently visiting the branches or offices situated in the HP Secretariat.
The crowd is gathering in the premise to inquire about the transfer purpose or to check progress over such ‘DO’ notes. In view of the emerging situation regarding spread of COVID 19 epidemic,Casual visit of the visitors are required to be strictly regulated and should be allowed in the branches who have some really urgent official matter to follow up in the respective offices, circular said.