How To Make Perfume Last Longer


Honestly, no one hates when someone tells them that they smell amazing. Most often than not it happens that we wear perfume at 8 am and it fades away as soon as we reach our office, whereas some people just never fail to impress with their fragrance that lasts all day long.

1.Do Not Store them in Warm Places  


Storing your perfume in warm places where there is humidity and heat can lessen the quality of the fragrance and break it down. The better way to store them is in cool and dry spots – let them breathe a little to last longer. Also do not keep them close to the windows.

2.Use Vaseline and Lotions before Spraying your Perfume

Perfumes last longer on an oily surface than on a dry skin. You can rub Vaseline on your pulse points before spraying your perfume to make the scent last longer. Also, you can use a moisturizer before applying the scent to help it lock in.

3.Spritz after a Shower

The best time to spray your perfume is after a shower before you dress up because the moisture on the skin right after a shower will help the fragrance to lock in on the skin. This way you will smell good all day long and prevent the perfume from staining your delicate clothes.

4.Target the Pulses and Warm Areas

It is very important to choose the right target areas while spraying perfume. Spraying the perfume on warm areas can diffuse the fragrance across the entire body. Spraying on your pulse points – on your wrists, inside your elbows, on your neck, below your midriff, behind your knees and on your ankles and calves will allow the scent to rise throughout the day.

5.Choose your Fragrance Wisely

When it comes to perfume, it is important that you know what kind of perfume you must buy. It is better to buy ‘Eau de Parfum’ due to the higher concentration of the fragrance – this will make it last longer than on the skin. Also, perfumes with stronger base notes will last longer than those without. Perfumes with sandalwood and amber (slight woody undertones) are better to purchase.