In order to find out how to look fair with make-up, I must point out that your daily skin care is also impor- tant. Include the use of a facial scrub twice a week. A scrub helps to remove dead skin cells along with their contained pigment (colouring matter). When the skin is exposed to the sun, the pigment cells move to the skin surface. That is why the skin becomes tanned, or darker.
The use of a scrub removes dead cells and makes the skin look brighter. If you have acne, avoid using a scrub.
Apply a sunscreen before going out in the sun. Anti-tan sunscreens are also available. For oily skin, use a sun- screen gel.
Before applying make-up, prepare your skin. First cleanse your skin. Then, apply a moisturiser for normal
to dry skin, or an astringent lotion for oily skin. After this, you can use a primer, according to your skin type, so that the skin looks smooth. For an oily and darker skin, use a matte primer, especially on oily areas. Wait for a few minutes and apply foundation. Try a water based foundation that is as close to your skin colour as possible. The choice of foundation is very important to your looking fairer. It should provide a light coverage on your skin. If it is a heavy or creamy foundation, add a drop of water before application.
The foundation should suit the texture and type of your skin too. Go for beige shades of foundation and avoid pink. Pay special attention to blending. Try to tone down blemishes or areas that are reddish or darker with concealers or foundations. The concealer of foundation should be one or two shades lighter than your skin tone, if you wish to cover dark blemishes. Very good blending is needed with a slightly wet sponge in order to avoid a patchy look. This smoothness and good blending comes with trial and error and practice.
Apply highlighters to the high points, like top of cheekbones. A cream based highlighter would be better.
Use a light pressed powder to set the foundation, which should lend radiance to the skin. The shade of powder should also be as close to the foundation as possible.
When you are experimenting, try using a BB cream, instead of foundation, as it is lighter than foundation. For blush on, avoid pale colours and use colours like rose or coral, as it would make the skin look brighter. For the eyes, using black eye pencil or eye liner would also make the skin look brighter. In fact, black liquid eye liner suits an Indian toned skin. Kaajal helps to accentu- ate the Indian look and dramatizes the eyes. Mascara will darken and thicken the eyelashes and give the eyes a glamorous look, making the skin colour brighter.
For lipstick, avoid pale colours and go for warmer tones, like coral, bronze, dark pink, red and wine. Try mixing two colours to get the shades that suit your skin.
But, avoid very dark colours like maroon or dark brown.