How long will India wait to become part of UN’s decision-making body, asks PM Modi

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NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the United Nations (UN), General Assembly, on Saturday. Making a stern statement, he asked how long India has to wait to become a part of the UN’s decision-making body in a reference to the Security Council.
While reiterating that it is rare to find a population with such strong belief in the global body, PM Modi also said, the same people are worried about whether the UN’s process of conflict resolution will ever reach a logical end.
“India is the country which is the world’s largest democracy, the country with the world’s 18 per cent population, a country with millions of languages and cultures,” the prime minister said in his pre-recorded video address to the UN General Assembly.
He further reminded the UN that the global body’s vision is not much different from India’s idea of “Vasudev Kutumbakam”.
Apart from mentioning Yoga Day and International Day against non-violence, PM Narendra Modi also mentioned other contributions India has made to the world such as the International Solar Alliance and the Neighbourhood-First policy among others.
Times have changed since the UN was formed 75 years ago, the prime minister said adding, “If we look at the UN’s accomplishments in the past 75 years, there will be many.”
“There are also many examples that pose a serious need for introspection in front of the United Nations,” PM Modi stated.
“A third world war did not happen but millions were killed in other wars, those millions of innocent people who were to take over the world left it,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi said. He went on to add, “The world has been fighting Covid-19 for the past eight, nine months. Where has the UN been in this fight? It is the need of the time to change the process of the UN.”