Hotel Asia One Earth re-launches “Yangtse” restaurant

JAMMU: Hotel Asia One Earth, Jammu on Friday re-launched its “Yangtse” Oriental & Chinese Restaurant with authentic Chinese Cuisine.
The Restaurant is also set to provide Fusion Cuisines to elite of Jammu.
Talking to Greater Jammu correspondent, General Manager of the Hotel, Pankaj Thapliyal said the Fusion cuisine is a deliberate combination of elements from two or more spatially or temporally distinct cuisines. Transcending conventional geographical and historical boundaries, it is a unique form of cuisine particular to today’s postmodern world. The preGise origin of the term “fusion cuisine” is uncertain although “culinary globalization,” “new world cuisine,” “new American cuisine,” and “new Australian cuisine,” all other names for fusion cuisine, have their roots in the 1970s in the emergence in France of nouvelle cuisine, which combined elements of French and, primarily, Japanese cooking (Sokolov, 1992).
Fusion cuisine may have taken off in the United States and Australia, because of those countries’ short history relative to the rest of the world, their unique immigration histories, and their lack of a cuisine that is clearly recognized by other parts of the world especially in India.
As per Asia One Earth Chef Satya Parkash who has spend years outside the country learning the intricacies of Mediterranean food is sure of getting a good response from the people of Jammu and they will love the delicacies from the Fusion Cuisine, some of the signature dishes includes in Starters Pita Pockets Filled with Coriander Onion and Falafel with Hummus, Tandoori Paneer Toastads Mint Sauce, Quiche Tandoodri, Southern Fried Fish with Glocal Remoulade, Chicken Kefta Rock”N” Roll with Charmula Sauce In the Soup Section we will be providing Moroccan Harrira Soup, Sea Food Veloute Soup and in the main course there is a variety of items in veg and Non Veg Sections some of the few are Pasta in Makkhni Gravy with choice of Pasta, Trio peppers Trio Flavors with Pink Lady Sauce, Gariic Coriander Roasted Pomfret with lemon Chilly Devil Sauce & Chicken Tagine with Harrisa Couscous and many more.
Along with Cuisine they are serving Chocolate Walnut Cake and Apple Tart at the end of meal which is very popular in this Cuisine.