Nowadays, people confirming the position of their planets and stars before beginning anything auspicious has become a common practice. If you want to step out of your house, the planets should align them selves properly.People are looking at the right time, the wrong time,rahukalam, gunakalam and whatever else. If they want to
get married, they go and ask a third person, “Will I be able to live happily with my wife?” Whoever it is that you marry, why can’t you live well with her or him?
Or if they show some new kind of madness that you did not expect, why don’t you leave them?If your intelligence is functioning, nobody can predict
what you will do tomorrow and how you will live your life. Can you predict what an intelligent man will do tomorrow? No, because he may do something that has
never happened on the planet. All your predictions are about things that have happened.
He may do something that you have never even imagined.If any human being’s life can be written before helives it, that is a “horror-scope” for sure.
A horoscope is all about how the planets are influencing your life. Planets are inanimate things. Should in animate things decide the course of your destiny or should
human nature decide the course of these inanimate things’destiny? It is human nature which should decide. If planet sare deciding the course of your destiny, it means your
human nature is not even functioning to the level of in animate objects.
So is there nothing to it? There is something to it, butas usual human beings exaggerate things. On a full moon day and new moon day, if a person has any kind of psychological
ailment, he becomes a little more im balanced on those days. But do we all go crazy on full moon day sand new moon days?
No, because compared to that man, you are a little more stable and established in your mind. That person cannot control it; just the position of the moon is driving
him crazy. It is happening in everybody, but not to such a point that it will decide the way you are because you are more stable compared to that person.
Similarly, if you are truly stable within yourself,let every planets go wherever they want to, you will go where you wish. Otherwise every little change will influence
you. Human nature should decide the course of your life.
The source of creation which is functioning within you; if that cannot decide the course of your destiny, but planets—inanimate objects—can decide the course of
your destiny, something is definitely wrong. If you are a little more centered within you, all these things will not influence you. You will go where you want to go.
When anybody says, “I am on the spiritual path,” what it means is, “It does not matter where the planets are, it does not matter what nonsensical karma I have, I am
going the way I want to go. I am going to go towards liberation.”It does not matter what other factors are there—what society maybe saying, who my father was, what my
genes are, what my karma is, what the planets are saying—I will go wherever I wish to. That is what spirituality means—taking destiny into your hands.