Hong Kong government will take measure in response to US Sanctions : Commerce Secretary

Beijing: The government of Hong Kong will consider taking measures in response to the US sanctions against a number of regional officials, Hong Kong’s Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development Edward Yau said on Saturday.
The US Treasury Department on Friday said that the United States had imposed sanctions on 11 individuals in response to an alleged effort to “undermine” Hong Kong’s autonomy.
“I see no strong reason for this blatant interference by a foreign country in Hong Kong’s internal affairs, and I do not think that these actions are civilized or necessary,” Minister said.
According to the minister, the sanctions pose a negative signal for US investors into Hong Kong’s economy. From his point of view, the US restrictions will significantly complicate the relations between the United States and Hong Kong, Sputnik reported.
The strained Chinese-US relations took an additional hit after the National Peoples’ Congress passed the draft law on national security in Hong Kong.