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Flute music helps to build brains of premature babies

SCI TECH Swiss neuroscientists have reported positive effects of specially composed and performed music on developing neural networks of premature babies. According to a Swissinfo.ch report,...

Celebrating International Day Of Living Together In Peace

VINOD C DIXIT 16th May will be celebrated as the International Day of Living Together in Peace. It was officially recognised by the General Assembly...

All You want to Know About Investing Insurance: Life Insurance-1

INVESTMENT In the long journey of creation of wealth for achieving the long-term goals of say, acquiring a house, education/ marriage of children, adequate retirement...

Some Special Quotes For Mother’s Day

Its only when you grow up, you realize that when you look at your mother, you are seeing the purest form of love you...

A-Z Mother’s Day Facts

God can not be present everywhere so she created Mother. A mother is the divine, ultimate creation of God and is simply irreplaceable. It’s the love that...

Surprise Your Mother This Mother’s Day

In life if anything that can’t be replaced is maternal love. It’s the love that knows no boundaries, a mother can go to any extent to...

Etiquettes – A Mirror To All Of Us

VINOD CHANDRASHEKHAR DIXIT As you can see, etiquette is an important part of everyday life. A person who displays proper etiquette shows respect for himself as...

World Red Cross Day

Vinod Chandrashekhar Dixit World Red Cross Day is used to celebrate by lots of the people in the World on the 8th May for playing...

All You want to Know About Investing Company Fixed Deposits And Bonds

INVESTMENT Types of Interest Rates On Debentures: The debentures may offer fixed or floating rates of interest. Floating rate debentures provide a spread above or...

Summertime Essentials For Babies

HOME & FAMILY This the season of sun, sand and, er, sweat. Which can be a challenge with a new little person to look after...

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