-1917 – Old Style date of the October Revolution in Russia.
– 1920 – After 74 days on hunger strike in Brixton Prison, England, the Sinn Féin Lord Mayor of Cork, Terence MacSwiney dies.
– 1944 – World War II: The final attempt of the Imperial Japanese Navy to win the war climaxes at the Battle of Leyte Gulf.
– 1945 – Fifty years of Japanese administration of Taiwan formally ends when the Republic of China assumes control.
– 1962 – Cuban Missile Crisis: Adlai Stevenson shows the United Nations Security Council reconnaissance photographs of Soviet ballistic missiles in Cuba.
– 1971 – The People’s Republic of China replaces the Republic of China at the United Nations.
– 1995 – A commuter train slams into a school bus in Fox River Grove, Illinois, killing seven students.
– 1997 – After a civil war, Denis Sassou Nguesso proclaims himself President of the Republic of the Congo.
– 2001 – Microsoft releases Windows XP, becoming one of Microsoft’s most successful operating systems.
– 2009 – The October 2009 Baghdad bombings kill 155 and wound at least 721.
– 2010 – Mount Merapi in Indonesia begins a month-long series of violent eruptions that kill 353 people and cause the evacuation of another 350,000 people.