HISTORICAL CONNECT: Jinnah’s Odyssey with Pakistan

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Caste System Among Kashmiri MuslimsJAMMU: “I am the sole creator of Pakistan, Muslims who stayed back in India should look after themselves. I am not interested in their fate.” This was stated by none other than Muhammad Ali Jinnah in his address to Muslims on the eve of his departure for Karachi in 1947. However the Muslims felt betrayed by Jinnah, remained in India and are getting all the benefits of `minority` here.

It is pertinent to mention here that “Those who preferred to remain in India after the Partition, fully knew that the Indian leaders did not believe in the two-nation or three nation theory and that in the Indian Republic there was to be only one nation — the Indian Nation — and no community could claim to remain a separate entity on the basis of religion.” Is what the Apex Court Judgement observed in 1955.
How ironical that it was the Muslims of Bombay, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar who were the first ones to respond to the call of Jinnah for Partition and enthusiastically supported the movement for Pakistan. They became its vanguard. They were so fanatically charged by Jinnah’s slogan of “Islam in danger” and frightened by the bogey of Hindu domination constantly raised by him that they were easily misled.
Historian Francis Robinson had much to say about the Muslims in Hindu majority provinces, especially in Uttar Pradesh and their role in creating Darul Islam in the Indian sub-continent.

Having heard out Jinnah, a member expressed anxiety at the huge number of Hindus remaining under Muslim rule if the demanded Pakistan were to come about. Jinnah’s reply to this anxiety was that there will be many Muslims under Hindu rule in Hindustan. So, in case Pakistan misbehaves with the minority, Hindustan can do the same. As it happened in 1948, Pakistan pushed out Hindus through ethnic cleansing.

Despite this, the Hindus and Sikhs have provided them with the warmth of security and more. In fact, the minorities, largely a euphemism for Muslims, enjoy greater privileges than the majority. Remember Articles 25 to 30 of the Constitution. The Hindus have more than compensated the Muslims for the betrayal by their leaders. Yet, they protest against what they feel they do not have and entirely overlook the fact that their glass is more or less full.