HISTORICAL CONNECT: Gandhi was booed and shouted in Kashmir

JAMMU: Gandhi visited Kashmir in August 1947 on the eve of Independence, at the behest of Lord Mountbatten, Nehru and Patel to persuade Maharaja Hari Singh to accede to India. Hari Singh was dreaming of Independent Kashmir.
The person who `Saw ray of light from Kashmir` was booed, shouted down and insulted by crowds in Srinagar and Sangrama with slogans “We want Pakistan”; Gandhi Go Back”; “Hum Yahan Pakistan Mangata Hey”
Gandhi failed in his mission, but succeeded in removing Pandit Ram Chand Kak, a Kashmiri Prime Minister of Maharaja Hari Singh, who had signed the ‘Standstill Agreement’ with Pakistan and who had prevented Nehru in June 1946 from entering J&K borders and got him detained at Domel border on the specious logic “My State’s policy is not to allow any interference in State affairs by any political leader or party from outside the state” was replaced by a Kangra-man Janak Singh (10 August to 14 October 1947) who was Maharaja’s close kinsman and who had also served as his Army Minister. He was later replaced by Mehr Chand Mahajan (15 October-5 March 1948), who was the most significant Indian Congress representative in Radcliffe Commission, and who had openly sided with India and was for the State’s accession with India.