HISTORICAL CONNECT: Freedom Fighter Gangu Mehtar, a soldier who could kill two tigers alone

JAMMU,  Have you ever
heard about freedom fighter Gangu
Mehtar (also called Gangu Baba,
Ganga Din) from Bithoor
He was a soldier in the
army of Maratha Peshwa
Nanasaheb led Kanpur
Rebellion against British
in the 1857 War of
Gangu was also a
wrestler. He was so brave that he
could kill two tigers alone.
Nanasaheb once saw him by a road
carrying a dead tiger on his back,
which he killed. Upon inquiring
and knowing about his bravery, the
Peshwa enrolled him in his army.
Gangu Mehtar used to say to
people around him, “This soil, our
motherland, smells of the
sacrifice made by our
ancestors to make Her free.
This land will be free one
In the 1857 war of independence,
Gangu Mehtar
alone killed 150 Britishers.
He was arrested by British
and hanged to death from a neem
tree in Chunniganj.
British tagged/labelled many
freedom fighters, Dharmic warriors,
and clans/communities who
fought against them (and who never
recognized British supremacy and
never took a favor from them) as
robbers, dacoits, thieves, rogues,
The British also created a fake
story on Gangu Mehtar so that in
their records he always remained a
criminal as he killed the most number
of Britishers. They accused him
in a fake criminal case that he killed
women and children. Over 300
clans/tribes today in independent
India are still tagged the way
British tagged them.
The British created this fake
legacy and we, Indians, have been
continuing this by following thiscolonial legacy.
Lakhs of Bharatiyas from each and every corner of Bharat from
all walks of life, right from householders to farmers, cleaners to
barbe( In ‘Saffron Swords’ a barber Shiva Nahvi who took the role of
a Kshatriya and resisted Adil Shahi army, defending Shivaji),
wrestlers to musicians, writers to cooks, took the role of Kshatriya
and defended Dharma and motherland because of whom we
breathe free today. Irony is few supremacists continue claiming that
their clan fought and saved Bharat.