Himachal farmers supply 6.82 lac quintal off season vegetables to neighbouring states

Shimla: Himachal Pradesh Government on Sunday claimed that farmers in the state supplied about 6.82 lakh quintal green peas and other off season vegetables to neighbouring states despite the lockdown.
This was stated by a government spokesman in a statement issued here today .
He claimed that Several schemes have been launched by the Government for the welfare of the farmers and to prevent them from economic loss.
State Agriculture Department played a vital role in maintaining communications with the neighbouring states, sending and marketing of vegetables.
As a result of this, farmers were able to get a good cost of their produce.
In the wake of corona pandemic, for smooth transportation of farm produce, Kisan Rath Mobile app was also launched.
Information of five lakh trucks and 20 thousand tankers were also made available with the help of this app to facilitate farmers and traders, so that the farmers and traders could easily transport their produce and various other vegetables to markets of the State and outside the State.
About 35164 quintal seeds of rice, maize, sorghum, bajra and other such seeds were made available at subsidised rate through Agriculture Distribution Centres.