Hike in health insurance premium hits middle class

New Delhi: The Coronavirus pandemic has led to a steep hike in health insurance premium by 250-300 per cent, which poses a big challenge to the middle class families.
Some regular customers of health insurance from United India Insurance Company Ltd said that this year the premium has been increased a lot compared to last year. This has increased the burden on them.
Another policy holder says that the company has abolished health insurance of Rs 50,000, Rs one lakh and Rs 1.5 lakh and now it will be mandatory for every customer to have insurance of at least Rs two lakh which will be valid for one year.
He said that the company has complicated the insurance policies by making many changes under its new scheme. Earlier the amount of premium for health insurance was the same for all, but from this year onwards, the premium amount has increased age-wise.
Apart from this, there was a provision for inclusion of parents, two children besides the husband, and wife, but now the parents have also been excluded. Now, for old parents, separate health insurance has to be bought which is very expensive.