Google Honours JS Bach With AI-Powered Doodle


Google honours the German composer Johann Sebastian Bach on his birth anniversary with a first ever AI-powered Google Doodle.

A musician and composer during the Baroque period of the 18th century, Bach produced hundreds of compositions including cantatas, concertos, suites and chorales.

In today’s Doodle, you can create your own melody, and through the magic of machine learning, the Doodle will harmonize your melody in Bach’s style.

You can also explore inside the Doodle to see how the model Bach-ifys familiar tunes, or how your new collaboration might sound in a more modern rock style.

On the Doodle, users can choose notes and assemble them. Once happy with their selection, they can click the “harmonize” button, which adds in all four tones to create a richer, Bach-esque sound.

Bach was born in a small town of Eisenach in Germany to a family with strong musical background. Influenced by his father who worked as the director of the town’s musicians, Bach started out as a chorister before learning the violin. Much of his legacy is attributed to his genius mastery of the violin.

More than 300 years after his death, 1,000 pieces of Bach’s work have lived on in manuscripts and are performed worldwide.

John Eliot Gardiner, an English Bach conductor compares listening to the German composer to snorkelling. “Being in Bach’s music has that sense of otherness: it’s another world we enter You put your mask on, and you go down to a psychedelic world of myriad colours.”