Global Coronavirus infections crosses the 30 million mark

Washington: The number of confirmed coronavirus cases across the globe has now crossed the 30 million mark, according to figures by America’s Johns Hopkins University on Friday.
At the same time more than 940,000 people have died from COVID-19 since the outbreak began in China late last year.
The US, India and Brazil, continue the worst three affected countries in the world, but reports say that there is a renewed spike in the number of infections across Europe.
Many countries in the northern hemisphere countries are now bracing themselves for a second wave of the pandemic as winter approaches a BBC reports says.
For example in the UK, the government is considering taking further England-wide measures including a short period of restrictions to try to slow a second surge of infections.
Both Spain and France have also shown a surge in the number of COVID cases in recent days.
Israel imposed a second round of nationwide lockdown later on Friday.
The US remains by far the worst hit in terms of numbers, with more than 6.6 million confirmed infections, and over 197,000 deaths.
The number of new daily infections has been dropping, though, compared with the peak figures seen in July.