General Manager Reviews Performance of Northern Railway

• Focus on Safety, Maintenance of Railway Assets
• Runs 1095 CRACK Trains (Between 16.06.22 to 22.06.22)
• Emphasis on maintenance of Locomotives

• Emphasis on reviewing Ineffective Wagons

Sh. Ashutosh Gangal, General Manager Northern Railway held a performance review meeting with the departmental heads of Northern Railway & DRMs through video conferencing. The GM emphasized that Safety is the main concern over Railways, for which all out efforts should be directed towards maintaining the tracks, rolling stock, signaling and electric overhead wires are working in top order.

Shri Gangal informed that Northern Railway has run 1095 CRACK trains between the period of 16.06.2022 to 22.06.2022. During interaction with DRMs he directed all divisions to run more CRACK trains to achieve maximum output in freight movement. The CRACK freight trains are run on dedicated CRACK routes without changing crew en-route. He also emphasis on availability of locomotives and their timely and exhaustive maintenance and ineffective wagons should be remove from the stock.

He advised the departments to regularly conduct training and refresher courses for the staff to keep them motivated and informed of the working of the system to minimize human error.

He shows his concern on rail fractures and instructed that monitoring of signals, rail fractures and rail welds should be done extensively and no error should be left.

He also instructed to expedite approvals for tree cutting wherever needed from the Forest Department so that these do not pose a threat to the tracks or OHE wires.

He also emphasized on focusing on electrical safety on tracks as well as safety in relay and panel rooms for error free movement of trains. He stressed upon the minimizing the human failure in train operation. He also instructed the department heads and DRMs, to maintain the punctuality at 95% and keep pace for freight loading with safety as priority.

The GM took stock of the freight business and asked Business Development Units to put more efforts to attract new customers and business. He also instructed that BDUs should create an environment of trust, support and confidence amongst the customers. He added that the initiatives and concessions offered by the Railways should reach the clients. He also informed that, loading of food grains & other items have steadily increased with every passing month.

Northern Railway is committed to provide safe, smooth and efficient services to its customers.