GDC Vijaypur organizes webinar on “Use of Technology in Education with special reference to NEP- 2020”

SAMBA: GDC Vijaypur organized an online webinar on the topic “Use of Technology in Education with special reference to NEP- 2020”in which, Roma, Assistant Professor, Department of Education Studies, GDC Kathua (Boys), was the resource person.
She stressed on the fact that Technology has revolutionized every aspect of our lives and classrooms are no different they are definitely far better, more modernized and more advanced than what they used to be 10 years ago.
However, technology in education today is no longer limited to digital whiteboards, learning management systems and iPads, it is now so much more than that. She further added that various stakeholders of the Indian educational system identified the challenges and the following opportunities of shifting from learning in classroom to learning through online platforms using various ICT tools.
In April 2020, the Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD) launched the Alternative Academic Calendar (AAC) developed by National Council for Teacher Education (NCERT) for primary, upper primary, secondary, and higher secondary schooling.
The document presented measures to support educators to ensure continuity in curriculum learning being safe from their homes.
The already existing national and state-level online platforms like DIKSHA, NISHTHA, and e-Pathshala proved crucial to provide training opportunities to a larger set of educators. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) were encouraged for higher studies. For teachers and parents, the transition from classroom teaching to online teaching has been overwhelming as well, where they are expected to create a safe learning environment virtually at home.
Many teachers and institutions were not trained and equipped adequately to shift to online teaching. Thus, putting them under extreme pressure to give their best and learn new skills in such difficult times. Even for parents, it has been a struggle to juggle their work from home and helping their kids with navigating the virtual learning process. There have been initiatives to support the students, teachers and students with resources for mental wellbeing. She also focused on how technology has helped immensely to be able to execute such initiatives in the time of virtual interaction.
Students and Faculty members actively participated in the webinar and shared their valuable views.
Prof (Dr.) Sangeeta Sudan, Principal of the College, congratulated the Coordinator and the Organizing Secretary for organizing the webinar and expressed her gratitude to the resource person for sharing her expertise and experience. She said thatthe scientific investigations of technological developments have influenced every walk of human life. There is rapid mechanization in field of industries, defence, trade, administration, etc.
The educational process does not remain untouched by these advances and has resulted in the introduction of technology in field of education which has proved to be a boon in the times of pandemic.
The event was coordinated by Dr. Gunjeet Mahiwal (HOD, Education). The formal vote of thanks was presented by Renuka Kundal (HOD, Political Sciences).