A solemn attempt at reaching out and making a difference, one step at a time         With the relentless repercussions of the corona virus pandemic, our definition of normalcy has been subjected to several fluctuating changes in the past few months. However, in the midst of this, one thing has become increasingly clear- the much-anticipated digital revolution has begun and that too in full force. It seems as if the entire world, all at once has shifted online. With the advent of businesses and academia shifting online, there are however, many people who have unfortunately been left behind in this technological race. Those who have not been able to access this technology due to a lack of finances or awareness of the latest developments in the digital world, or both, have been at the suffering end of this cyber metamorphosis.

This global pandemic and the unprecedented effects of it, have compelled us to be grateful for the privileges that we enjoy and more importantly, to use that privilege in the best, most impactful way. And therefore, we sincerely request all of you reading this article, to donate your old/not-in-use gadgets such as laptops, mobile phones, computers, tablets, etc. to the multiple children who are currently deprived of an increasingly digitized education due to a lack of these resources. The purchase of gadgets for online classes is a near impossibility in a situation where basic survival has become uncertain. Income and job generation have largely been affected by the pandemic and therefore, the situation is grimmer than ever before.

In view of this harsh reality, we at Greater Jammu have started a campaign in collaboration with the Directorate of Education, Jammu with Ms. Aleena Mehta as the brand ambassador. Aleena, a class 12 student from Jammu wrote an article for our paper (published inbox) that became the inspiration behind this campaign. We aim at acting as a transparent medium through which donors and recipients of these gadgets can be brought together in order to bridge the gap between those who have been able to easily accommodate these changes into their lives and those who have not.

We will be contacting individuals as well as corporate houses to participate in this drive. These corporate houses will be requested to fund second-hand/ old gadgets which are economical under their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. After these gadgets have been collected, the Directorate of Education, through its intense network will be identifying the students in need, as well as, duly keeping a track of the utilization of these resources. Moreover, we will ensure that these gadgets are further provided with minimum warranty periods (based on prior usage) by linking with this cause, several mobile and computer repair shops.

Over the last few months, we have all been engulfed in and struggled with the effects of this global pandemic and individuals world over are reeling under the consequences of the same. In consideration of the gravity of this experience, it has become our imperative duty to do our little bit in the greater cause of helping the world come out of this, safe and secure. Let this campaign become, one such effort.
Kindly note that we look forward to receiving information about people who are willing to donate old gadgets and also people who might be in need of them. So, if you know anybody, for whom this can be helpful and useful; please do reach out to us.

For further details, feel free to contact us at:

Aleena Mehta [email protected] 7889661458
Greater Jammu [email protected] 94191 82274