French TV stars Bogdanoff twins die of Covid days apart

Paris: French TV star Igor Bogdanoff has died of Covid, six days after his twin brother died of the same disease.
“They are dead from Covid. They were both at the same hospital, Grichka died six days earlier than Igor,” CNN quoted Maitre Edouard de Lamaze, the brothers’ lawyer, as confirming on Tuesday.
He said the brothers had been admitted to the Georges Pompidou hospital since December 15 after contracting Covid in November.
It is “very sad to see those two men who loved each other so much, who were happy, kind, and original, go,” the lawyer added.
According to CNN, the brothers began their careers in France hosting popular television shows about science and science fiction, including “Temps X” (Time X in English) and “Rayons X” (X Rays).
The lawyer said “they (the twins) had simple answers to big problems and… had accessible answers to the general public.”
The brothers held PhD from the University of Burgundy.
They had also published physics theses in HAL, an open archive for authors to deposit scholarly documents from all academic fields.